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April 18, 2003


Mount Horeb, known primarily as the home of Mustard Museum (don't forget to order a 'Famous Wisconsin Cows' gift pack), is also home to a host of terrifying trolls. Chainsaw art trolls (see below) littering the lawns of denizens, businesses infested with trolls, everywhere - gruesome trolls. It seems likely they slaughter innocents at night, particularly the cleaver-wielding troll outside City Hall, so I recommend you avoid the town after sundown. Unlike vampires, a supersoaker filled with Holy Water is no match for their wiley wooden malice.

Soul-stealing Troll with Camera-photographed at great personal risk.

Demon possessed? Undoubtedly: "The Chicken Thief, one of Mike's first trolls, is next to Olson's Christmas House, and the Accordion Player can be found near the Mount Horeb Telephone Company. The latter captured the interest of a bus load of Norwegian visitors who also happened to be accordion players. According to Mike, the bus pulled over to the curb and the passengers got out with their own accordions and serenaded the troll for at least 20 minutes much to the delight of onlookers."

And vaguely related - the Mount Horeb Telephone Company hosts 'Fish Worship'?

posted by CheekyMonkey at 08:52 AM


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