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May 02, 2003

Damn You, Kirk Douglas's Wife

"...When [Stella McCartney] was honored last month in Beverly Hills by Saks Fifth Avenue and Cedars-Sinai, she wanted to pick out the tablecloths for the gala. An insider tells us, however, that the organizers went ape when they saw her pattern, which featured monkeys fornicating with human skeletons, some of the monkeys holding guns to their heads.

'Maybe for the younger crowd this could have worked,' our insider muses. 'But the planning committee includes a lot of people from Hollywood's older generation, like Kirk Douglas's wife, Anne.' It was decided that McCartney’s pattern was inappropriate for a cancer benefit (not to mention that there's a war going on). Instead, the tables were covered in light pink and white." [link]

posted by whitey at 03:31 PM


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