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drink when you see the robot

June 02, 2003

Teaching Toys: Learn to Drink

How did I not see this until the auction closed? What cruel taunting of fate. This toy has it all: an amoral lesson modeled for children by an adorable stuffed animal; a creepy, dead-eyed stare; live electricity in close proximity to liquid; and a loveable plush exterior.

To quote the seller: "This bear still works. When you plug him in, he pours a drink and then drinks it. He feels like he is made of real fur. It comes out when you pull on it. I heard that meant it was real. If you look where his nose is supposed to be, it looks like real skin (He is missing his nose). His head might be a bit lose because it sits forward when you lift him up. I don't know if it is supposed to move when plugged in, but it doesn't. His eyes are balls with paper over them so they look like the whites of the eyes. His feet have a little bit of wear on the toes. "

drinkin' bear

I'm pretty sure I even know what postcard this enchanting toy inspired.

posted by CheekyMonkey at 05:34 PM


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