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August 19, 2003

Pick Me! Pick Me!

1. What is it about a tropical island inhabited by lap dancers that appeals to you most?

Well, gee, 'Channel 4', that'd have to be its rich cultural history and world-renowned library of accounting documents.
2. Do you have any prior experience or qualifications in dealing with high levels of lap dancing?
No, but I do have prior experience in dealing with high levels of lead, so that's gotta be a start.
3. The girls are always there: you make breakfast - lapdancers. You brush your teeth - lapdancers. You try and sleep - lapdancers. Can you handle that?
I don't know, how much 'handling' am I allowed to do? Because I got kicked out of a club once due to a misunderstanding in that department.
4. Your sexual urges are likely to increase dramatically throughout the show. Give us one example of how you might take this matter in hand.
Probably by taking something else in hand, urgently and frequently.
5. In no more than five words tell us why you should be picked for Lapdance Island?
Well, I'm not blind yet.

(Credit: nick)

posted by whitey at 04:29 PM


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