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September 16, 2003

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of ...

I had never bothered to actually read about music piracy from the RIAA website before. It really puts things into a perspective that I felt was missing from the discussion before.

Here is the most salient quotation:

Old as the Barbary Coast, New as the Internet - No black flags with skull and crossbones, no cutlasses, cannons, or daggers identify today’s pirates. You can’t see them coming; there’s no warning shot across your bow. Yet rest assured the pirates are out there because today there is plenty of gold (and platinum and diamonds) to be had. Today’s pirates operate not on the high seas but on the Internet, in illegal CD factories, distribution centers, and on the street. The pirate’s credo is still the same--why pay for it when it’s so easy to steal? The credo is as wrong as it ever was. Stealing is still illegal, unethical, and all too frequent in today’s digital age. That is why RIAA continues to fight music piracy.

I didn't know that pirates were after platinum and diamonds too. And they had cutlasses and cannons and daggers? Wow! Pirates are even cooler than I thought they were before, and I owe it all to the RIAA. Yar!

posted by captbeer at 12:10 PM


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