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December 04, 2005

On the Seasons

Radical commentary is no reason to forget to enjoy the seasons.


July 10, 2004

On Independence Day.

Gumby wishes you a meaningful Fourth of July.


June 12, 2003

On September 12th.

Love each other beyond the darkness

May 06, 2003

On Cloning.


April 30, 2003

On Religious Fervor

Gumby understands the dangers of doublespeak, as many do not.

"I want to thank all the leaders, the generals, the soldiers in the armies of compassion..." is not exactly the reassuring phrase to be using right now.


April 22, 2003

On the First Amendment.

Gumby remembers what John Ashcroft and Ari Fleischer do not.


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April 21, 2003

On The Clergy.


April 17, 2003

On Retribution.

If Darryl Worley can exploit our sensitivity to Bin Laden's attacks and pretend it has something to do with Iraq, I can certainly use Gumby to do the same. Without resorting to staged military events, even.


April 14, 2003

On Tolerance.

Boycott the Boy Scoux Klan!

April 08, 2003

On Allegiance.

Gumby would have been a great running mate for Jesse 'the governor' Ventura.

"Ventura had hinted he would veto the bill, saying on several occasions he has seen no problem with patriotism in the United States, particularly after Sept. 11. And he compared a Pledge requirement to the indoctrination practiced by the Nazis and the Taliban." [from MPR]

April 07, 2003

On the Age of Majority.


April 04, 2003

On Church and State.

I only wish more elected officials were as progressive as Gumby.

Stop public money to religious activities.

April 02, 2003

On National Icons.

Gumby firmly believes that freedom of expression is a right worth protecting.

Celebrate your right to wave or burn a flag!

March 31, 2003

On Religion.


Rest assured that somewhere in Wisconsin, Gumby still fights the good fight.

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